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16 augustus 2016
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16 augustus 2016
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Krossvik was founded in the beginning of 2016 by four people that all have connection to the beautiful country of Iceland. The name "Krossvik" comes from a place in Iceland were three of the founders were born and raised. Krossvik's mission is to create luxury accessories that makes men proud to wear. Every detail is thought carefully through, from the way we select the materials to the way we present our products to our customers. All companies has to start out with something and we decided to start our Krossvik collection with bow ties, simply because we love bow ties and we thought that we could add something different to the market. The luxury bow ties from Krossvik are all handmade in Madrid, Spain. We will continuously add more styles to our collection in 2016 as well as introducing other types of men's accessories.
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